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Does CBN Work as a Sleep Aid?

The two components of cannabis that receive the lion’s share of attention are THC and CBD. However, the intricate structure of this unique plant is made up of many different parts. On our website you can order weed delivery Vaughan.

CBN, commonly known as cannabinol, is one among them. CBN is the first cannabinoid to be isolated from cannabis, despite THC and CBD having far greater concentrations than it. Early cannabis pioneers were able to separate and gather CBN from old cannabis flowers more than a century ago, in the late 1800s.

Given that CBN is a residue of old cannabis, this discovery was mostly a coincidence. The industry of cannabis farming did not exist in the distant past. Additionally, most cannabis flowers were found growing wild and were collected with little regard for their “freshness.”

CBN is known for not being a euphoric cannabinoid. Hence, you won’t get high from it. It is, nonetheless, the focus of an expanding medical study.

Similar to cannabis research, there is the little current study of CBN. However, CBN research suggests several possible medicinal uses, such as…

  • antibacterial substance
  • appetite booster
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • against ALS and other neurodegenerative illnesses; neuroprotectant
  • glaucoma therapy

Despite all of this, CBN is best known as a sleep aid. CBN has received much praise for being a strong sedative that may effectively treat insomnia.

Findings from the research, however, suggest that this viewpoint might need to be revised. Why? Here we pondered the same thing and looked more closely.

Why Is CBN Known for Being a Powerful Sedative?

It generally results from a causal relationship. Smokers of older cannabis frequently experience sleepiness. They feel tired because more aged cannabis includes CBN, isn’t that right?

However, CBN alone does not appear to be highly soothing in (although minor) investigations.

What Gives Smoking Older Cannabis Its Sleepy Effect?

Researchers provide two explanations.

First, THC, by itself, has soothing properties. And THC’s effects can be amplified when coupled with CBN.

Second, older cannabis has more terpenes (another chemical ingredient in cannabis flower). Terpenes are sedatives as well. And it’s possible that terpenes, not CBN, make people sleepy.

Therefore, your best chance if you’re looking to buy CBN as a sleep aid is to look for products that mix THC and CBN.

One Remark Regarding Possible Side Effects

Many people think that CBN amplifies the calming effects of THC. However, it can also heighten its psychedelic effects. So, search for goods with minimal THC levels if you want a sedative that does not get you “high.”